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UBTV publica els vídeos de la Primera Jornada d’Investigadors Predoctorals Interdisciplinària

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JIPI Jornada d'Investigadors Predoctorals InterdisciplinàriaActualització (04/04/2013): Afegim la resta d’enregistraments que encara no s’havien publicat.

La setmana passada, UBTV, el portal de vídeo de la Universitat de Barcelona, va publicar al web bona part dels enregistraments de les diverses sessions de la Jornada d’Investigadors Predoctorals Interdisciplinària. Atès que no podem incrustar els vídeos a causa de les limitacions de seguretat respecte a javascript, els relacionem a continuació:


Sessió I. From black holes to cookie dunking: theory is in the air

  1. Study of parity breaking in a hot/dense nuclear medium
  2. Properties of holographic superfluids
  3. Black holes in higher dimensions
  4. Black holes with different shapes
  5. Permutacions que eviten certs patrons
  6. Work Extraction and Entanglement
  7. Quantum correlations for information processing
  8. Do completely unpredictable events really exist in nature?
  9. Refracció cònica: fenomen i aplicacions
  10. Anomalous transport and diffusion of overdamped Brownian particles in totally disordered potentials
  11. The breakfast experiment: understanding kinetic roughening
  12. Convective instabilities in rotating fluids

Sessió II. The Truman’s show paradox: distinguishing the real world from the model using simulations

  1. A Swiss knife for interdiciplinary studies
  2. Identifying significant node groups in complex networks
  3. Distinguishing signatures of determinism and stochasticity in spiking complex systems
  4. Calcular o simular?
  5. Can maths help to predict degradation of materials?
  6. The level of adoption of analytical tools in Barcelona, Spain
  7. Computational Chemistry for Nanostructuring Effects in Heterogeneous Catalysis
  8. Computational Chemistry Applied to Endohedral Fullerenes
  9. Estudi teòric del rotor mestranol

Sessió III. The Devil’s kitchen: cooking materials using nano-ingredients

  1. Signal analysis methods applied to electron energy loss spectroscopy
  2. EEL spectroscopic tomography: 3D chemical information in nanomaterial analysis
  3. Synthesizing Graphene by Chemical Vapor Depositio
  4. High Power Electronics HEMT GaN based Devices
  5. Arc-Discharge Syntesis of Fe@C Nano particles for General Applications
  6. Shaping static magnetic fields
  7. Colossal Reduction in Curie Temperature Due to Finite-Size Effects in Nanoparticles
  8. Synthesis and study of new organic molecules that show magnetic properties
  9. Efficient fabrication of organic solar cells by the dip-coating method
  10. Synthesis of functionalized nanoparticles for the control of internal hemorrhage
  11. An Experimental and Theoretical point of view of ion-molecule reactions

Sessió IV. The legacy of captain Lettuce: are small changes powerful?

  1. Past climate changes: from millions to tens of years
  2. Mathematical analysis for the antarctic ice
  3. Tracking the Deepwater Horizon oil spill
  4. The mistery of recent stratospheric temperature trends
  5. Earthquakes inside a thimble-sized porous glass
  6. Sustainable farm systems and transitions in agricultural metabolism: the end of traditional organic agricultures in Mediterranean Spain
  7. Marine sedimentary particles as drivers of the deep marine ecosystem

Sessió V. Once Upon a Time… Life

  1. Mathematical modeling of regulatory processes during development
  2. Feedbacks, competition and cellular patterning
  3. Dynamics and stability of cellular decision making driven by biochemical signals
  4. Stochasticity, cell state switching and gene network architecture
  5. Single-molecule methods in biophysics
  6. Evolutionary dynamics of populations with genotype-phenotype map
  7. Optimal transition paths of stochastic cell differentiation systems
  8. The emergence of halophilic evolutionary patterns from a dynamic combinatorial library of macrocyclic pseudopeptides
  9. Local micromechanical properties of decellularized lung scaffolds measured with atomic force microscopy
  10. Revealing cancer mechanisms by simulations: a bridge between physics and medicine

Sessió VI. The social atom: modeling la Vida Loca

  1. Crowdfunding, new option for funding
  2. Complex networks
  3. Research in search to search in research
  4. Long-term evolution of email communications networks
  5. Modeling human dynamics of face-to-face interaction networks
  6. Embracing the world: our brain combines optimally information from the different sensory modalities

Reportatge: JIPI Jornada d’Investigadors Predoctorals Interdisciplinària

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