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Novetats del fons: primera quinzena d’abril

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The Mutually Beneficial Relationship of Graphs and MatricesAutor: Brualdi, Richard A.
Títol: The mutually beneficial relationship of graphs and matrices
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Clifford Algebras: an IntroductionAutor: Garling, D. J. H.
Títol: Clifford algebras : an introduction
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Introduction to Compact Riemann Surfaces and Dessins D'EnfantsAutor: Girondo, Ernesto
Títol: Introduction to compact Rieman surfaces and Dessins d’Enfants
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Galois Theories of Linear Difference Equations : An IntroductionAutor: Hardouin, Charlotte
Títol: Galois theories of linear difference equations : an introduction
Sol·licitat per: Teresa Crespo


Tomography and Inverse Transport TheoryAutor: International Workshop on Mathematical Methods in Emerging Modalities of Medical Imaging
Títol: Tomography and inverse transport theory : International Workshop on Mathematical Methods in Emerging Modalities of Medical Imaging, October 25-30, 2009, Banff, Canada : International Workshop on Inverse Transport Theory and Tomography, May 16-21, 2010, Banff, Canada
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 Cartan for Beginners : Differential Geometry Via Moving Frames and Exterior Differential SystemsAutor: Ivey, Thomas A. ; Landsberg, J. M.
Títol: Cartan for beginners : differential geometry via moving frames and exterior differential systems
Sol·licitat per: Ignasi Mundet


Extremal Problems in Interpolation Theory, Whitney-Besicovitch Coverings, and Singular IntegralsAutor: Kislyakov, Sergey
Títol: Extremal problems in interpolation theory, Whitney-Besicovitch coverings, and singular integrals
Sol·licitat per: Javier Soria


Lectures on Profinite Topics in Group TheoryAutor: Klopsch, Benjamin ; Nikolov, Nikolai ; Voll, Christopher
Títol: Lectures on profinite topics in group theory
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Symplectic Topology and Floer HomologyAutor: Oh, Yong-Geun
Títol: Symplectic topology and Floer homology. Vol. 1 Symplectic geometry and pseudoholomorphic curves/Vol. 2 Floer homology and its applications
Sol·licitat per: Ignasi Mundet


Introducing Monte Carlo Methods with RAutor: Robert, Christian P. ; Casella, George
Títol: Introducing Monte Carlo methods with R
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Topology, C*-Algebras, and String DualityAutor: Rosenberg, Jonathan
Títol: Topology, C*-algebras, and string duality
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Numerical Methods for Large Eigenvalue ProblemsAutor: Saad, Yousef
Títol: Numerical methods for large eigenvalue problems
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Differential Galois Theory Through Riemann-Hilbert Correspondence : An Elementary IntroductionAutor: Sauloy, Jacques
Títol: Differential Galois theory through Riemann-Hilbert correspondence : an elementary introduction
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 Topology and Geometry in Dimension Three : Triangulations, Invariants, and Geometric StructuresTítol: Topology and geometry in dimension three : triangulations, invariants, and geometric structures : conference in honor of William Jaco’s 70th birthday, June 4-6, 2010, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma
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Topological Quantum ComputationAutor: NSF-CBMS Regional Conference in the Mathematical Sciences on Topological Quantum Computing (2008 : University of Central Oklahoma)
Títol: Topological quantum computation
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Topological Quantum ComputationTítol: Topological quantum computation
Col·lecció: CBMS regional conference series in mathematics


A course in finite group representation theoryTítol: Tomography and inverse transport theory : International Workshop on Mathematical Methods in Emerging Modalities of Medical Imaging
Col·lecció: Contemporary Mathematics


 Introduction to Smooth Ergodic TheoryAutor: Barreira, Luis
Títol: Introduction to smooth ergodic theory
Col·lecció: Graduate studies in mathematics


Dualities and Representations of Lie SuperalgebrasAutor: Cheng, Shun-Jen
Títol: Dualities and representations of Lie superalgebras
Col·lecció: Graduate studies in mathematics


A Course in Abstract AnalysisAutor: Conway, John B.
Títol: A course in abstract analysis
Col·lecció: Graduate studies in mathematics


Mathematics in Image ProcessingTítol: Mathematics in image processing
Col·lecció: IAS/Park City mathematics series


Moduli Spaces of Riemann SurfacesTítol: Moduli spaces of Riemann surfaces
Col·lecció: IAS/Park City mathematics series


Metric and Differential Geometry : The Jeff Cheeger Anniversary VolumeTítol: Metric and differential geometry : the Jeff Cheeger anniversary volume
Col·lecció: Progress in mathematics


 Perspectives in Analysis, Geometry, and Topology : On the Occasion of the 60th Birthday of Oleg ViroTítol: Perspectives in analysis, geometry, and topology : on the occasion of the 60th birthday of Oleg Vigo
Col·lecció: Progress in mathematics


Analytic Capacity, the Cauchy Transform, and Non-Homogeneous Caldern-Zygmund TheoryAutor: Tolsa Domènech, Xavier
Títol: Analytic capacity, the cauchy transform, and non-homogeneous calderon-zygmund theory
Col·lecció: Progress in mathematics


Spectra of GraphsAutor: Brouwer, A. E.
Títol: Spectra of graphs
Col·lecció: Universitext




 Gorenstein Quotient Singularities in Dimension ThreeAutor: Yau, Stephen Shing-Toung
Títol: Gorenstein quotient singularities in dimension three




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