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SIMBa: From far-out mystery to a useful tool

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El proper dimecres, 9 de febrer, se celebrarà una nova xerrada —en format virtual— del Seminari Informal de Matemàtiques de Barcelona (SIMBa).

Speaker: Carlos Caralps Rueda
Universitat: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Data: Wednesday, February 9th, 2022.
Hora: 12:00, coffee break; 12:20, talk.
Lloc: Zoom (the link will be posted on our website)
Idioma: English.

Títol: From far-out mystery to a useful tool
Resum: This talk aims to redefine topological filters in order to obtain a helpful tool that can be used to prove some propositions in topology using semiring theory. In this talk, we will see the first definition of filters provided by Henri Cartan, which is used to define limits in general topological spaces, and we will state some famous theorems about filters and topology. Changing the definition slightly allows us to prove some propositions by using group theory identities, we will show this by solving some topology-undergraduate problems as trivial algebraic identities.


Si voleu estar al cas de les xerrades previstes, podeu consultar el calendari. Si voleu proposar una xerrada, ompliu el formulari. Si voleu contactar amb els responsables podeu escriure un missatge a seminari(dot)simba(at)ub(dot)edu.

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