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SIMBa: Playing with Mixed Boolean-Arithmetic algebra

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Dijous 27 d’abril se celebrarà una nova xerrada del Seminari Informal de Matemàtiques de Barcelona (SIMBa).

Conferenciant: Arnau Gàmez i Montolio.
Universitat: Universitat de Barcelona.

Data: Dimecres, 27 d’abril, 2023.
Hora: 13:00, pausa pel cafè; 13:20, xerrada.
Lloc: UB (FMI aula B1) i Zoom.
Idioma: Anglès.

Títol: Playing with Mixed Boolean-Arithmetic algebra.

Resum: A Mixed Boolean-Arithmetic (MBA) expression is an algebraic expression composed of integer arithmetic operators, e.g. (+,-, \times) and bitwise operators, e.g. (\wedge, \vee, \oplus, \neg). State-of-the-art software protection mechanisms leverage MBA semantics-preserving transformations to obfuscate code. This possibility is motivated by the fact that the combination of operators from these different fields do not interact well together. Moreover, computer algebra systems do not support bitwise operators with symbolic variables (let alone combining them with arithmetic expressions).
In this talk, we introduce the fundamental ideas, constructions and research literature covering MBA algebra, focusing on (and motivated by) applications in program analysis and software protection. We also outline several open problems and research directions aiming to advance the theoretical formalization and tooling development for MBA algebra reasoning and manipulation.


Si voleu proposar una xerrada, ompliu el formulari. Si voleu contactar amb els responsables podeu escriure un missatge a seminari(dot)simba(at)ub(dot)edu.

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